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The Director of Child & Adolescent Services clinically and administratively directs all child and adolescent programs. A person in this leadership role bears significant responsibility for the overall success of the Center.


Master’s degree in Social Work, Psychology, or a behavioral health related field, along with a valid Indiana license is required. Five years of clinical practice with at least two years of management experience is preferred.


  1. Able to critique and correct subordinate documentation and activities
  2. Can lead and direct a meeting
  3. Reports all sentinel events and ethical violations
  4. Able to document training, employee actions, and program activity
  5. Does not retaliate against subordinates who exercise rights
  6. Can analyze data and draw relevant conclusions
  7. Can perform psycho-social evaluations using the DSM-V
  8. Can use appraisal instruments as an aid in treatment planning
  9. Can perform counseling and apply psycho-therapeutic techniques
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