Posted 8 months ago


This position is responsible for maintenance and repair at all Swanson Center buildings, subject to the relevant restrictions on any leased properties.  The individual will engage in direct repairs and maintenance to the extent of his/her abilities and when the scope of a repair is beyond his/her abilities then he/she will oversee the performance of repairs and maintenance that are performed by outside contractors.


High School or GED required. Must have good driving record, public passenger- chauffeurs license preferred. Must be physically able to lift or aide in moving equipment, supplies and material.  Knowledge of the surrounding area is required.  Desired skills include basic plumbing, electrical, carpentry, and painting skills along with the ability to use hand tools and power tools.  Desired abilities include lifting, dealing with uncertainty, judgment, objectivity, dependability, emotional control, integrity, safety management, professionalism, and reporting skills.


  1. Able to critique and correct documentation and activities
  2. Reports all sentinel events and ethical violations
  3. Able to document training, employee actions, and program activity
  4. Can analyze data and draw relevant conclusions

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