Adult Services

Swanson Center’s compassionate staff is dedicated to
improving lives by providing comprehensive, expert
mental health and addiction services

For Medical Emergencies, Please Call 911
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Adult Services

Our Outpatient Services offer a variety of educational and therapeutic programs to assist you in enhancing your emotional, physical psychological, and social health, as well as your family/significant others. Our goal is to assist you and your family to improve emotional, physical, psychological and social health through a variety of treatment options:

Consultation and Education

These services are offered usually specific to a mental health topic, time-limited, leader-directed and workshop orientated. Such services may be focused on you as an individual, but will usually be focused on a group-organization.

Individual Therapy

One-to-one therapy with a trained therapist. In these sessions you can learn to improve your coping with ongoing stressors, symptoms or trauma. In addition, tis can be a setting where you can begin to discuss early trauma that could have lead to stressors in your life.

Marital/Couples Therapy

For couples seeking assistance with communication and conflict resolution.

Family Therapy

Offered to help you and your family learn how to cope with problems or major stressors that impact the family unit.

Psychological Testing

This service is made available on referral and provided by a licensed psychologist. This testing provides an insight for you and helps outline developmental issues or areas of your life that may need to be addressed.

Psychiatric Evaluation

For anyone who may need psychotropic medications to help with mental health issues. A board-certified psychiatrist provides this service.

Group Therapy

Provides therapy in a group setting where members learn from one another in order to deal with the stressors/problems in their lives and provide support for one another.

Transition from Homelessness

The PATH (Projects for Assistance in Transition from Homelessness) program offers support for homeless individuals impacted with a serious mental illness and/or addictions. Through a partnership with a local network of agencies committed to fighting homelessness in LaPorte County, Swanson Center identifies and coordinates the services necessary to assist those homeless who suffer from serious mental illness and/or a substance abuse disorder. Services through the PATH program include outreach, case management, assistance with entitlements, and referrals to mental health and addiction services. The PATH program also provides linkage to partner agencies for assistance with housing, primary care, and employment.

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Important messages from our CEO

Swanson Center has made a commitment to providing the highest level of clinical care possible while meeting the needs of the community and minding our mission. It is exciting to be a part of a team that is so committed to aiding those who are seriously impacted by the effects of mental illness.

Dan Peck, Executive Director & CEO

You asked we listened. Previously we had intake wait times of nearly 36 days; now it’s approximately 3. By listening to you, our community, we’ve been able to increase access to treatment for everyone.

Dan Peck, Executive Director & CEO

Through our Access Center, we’re now offering same-day intake services which has decreased our initial contact to intake by over 85% and we’re now in a better position to serve our community. You asked we listened.

Dan Peck, Executive Director & CEO